People Matter More

Remember when Carl’s Jr had the milkshake commercial where the guy shook the cow? I thought it was pretty hilarious.

This says Hardee’s, but they’re the same company. It was Carl’s Jr when I saw it.

They used to have some funny commercials.

Then they decided that the “sex sells” concept was a good one. At least I assume that’s what they thought, since that’s been their M.O. for a number of years now. I stopped eating at Carl’s Jr because I don’t care to support them in their sleazy advertising. Just a personal choice.

But Zach (my youngest son) loves their food. Granted, I like some of their food, too, but I still didn’t eat there.

Now that he’s working, I have lunch with him once a week. Carl’s Jr is the closest and fastest restaurant available. And he really likes to eat there.

So I have conceded – a little – and I eat there with him. No, I still don’t care to support them. I still think their advertising is trashy and inappropriate. But even more than that, I love my son and enjoy having lunch with him. And if he wants to eat there, I’ll go there some of the time. There are still other restaurants which we can go to, and we do. It was a little conflicting at first, but I know that he’s even more important than the few dollars I could keep away from this company.

There are certainly principles that matter and are important and should be stood upon and stood up for. But we can’t lose sight of the people in the equation, either. Just like most things in life, we have to consider all the parts and then make the best decision.

In this case, Zach is my best decision.


BTW, this picture is actually taken at Carl’s Jr. The light was amazing so I just had to.


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