Random Bits

Nobody challenged me to do a list of random information about myself. But I like these lists. I like reading other peoples’ lists and learning a little more about them. So maybe someone else likes to read them, too.

  1. Sometimes I only eat a meal just so I can get to the dessert.
  2. I love lavender oil. Some days I could just slather myself in it.
  3. I am usually reading a minimum of three books at any given time.
  4. I recently switched from Canon camera gear to Sony mirrorless.
  5. I sleep with socks on. If my feet are a little bit chilly, I can’t sleep.
  6. If my feet get too hot while sleeping, I kick the socks off and they live at the bottom of the bed for awhile.
  7. I used to take post earrings out of my ears while sleeping, put the posts back on, and lay them under my pillow. I would have no recollection of having done so, but in the morning, I’d have no earrings in my ears and wonder what happened to them.
  8. I’ve never been to Starbucks more than three times in one day.
  9. I love the flavor of onion, but cannot stand to eat actual onions (unless they’ve been pureed to mush). It’s a texture issue. Ditto with jalapeno and other peppers.
  10. I set my alarm clark (why did I type “clark?”) CLOCK for even minutes and almost never on the hour. 6:42 a.m., 7:20, etc.
  11. I’m the Queen of Unfinished Projects…

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