The Minimalist Game

So the guys over at The Minimalist posted The Minimalist Game and I thought it would be a good idea to try sometime. Especially since I’m always trying to declutter and downsize. I missed the start of the month in July, so August is it. While their game includes getting rid of said item(s) by midnight that day, I know that is entirely unrealistic for me. So I have a box into which all items will go – until it’s full anyway. I promise not to retrieve anything which goes into the box. Once it’s full, it will be donated.

Box for things to be donated in the Minimalist Game this month. Check my FB page for details. #augmingame

I plan to post pictures via Instagram to Facebook. I can’t promise daily, but at least a few a week. Hopefully. I’m sure this week will be easy. It’ll be week 2 and beyond that will get tricky. Figures, I had to pick a month with 31 days! I should’ve waited for February. Ha! Ha! Oh well, no matter how well I do, I’ll have less stuff at the end of August and that’s a very good thing.

Want to play? Come join the August Minimalist Game Facebook group. #augmingame

Oh, yeah. My first item for day 1? A photo organizer for scrapbooking which I purchased on clearance and have never used. Buh-bye.

For organizing pix to scrapbook. Bought it on clearance and have never used. Buh-bye! #augmingame

First item. #augmingame


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