The Back Story

I used to be a fairly regular blogger, starting back in the fall of 2006. Somehow, things sort of fell by the wayside and even though I really wanted to blog again, it just never took off. In some ways, I think it felt like my blog didn’t fit me in the same way that it used to. I’ve been debating about trying to make my old blog happen again or starting a new one. A fresh start seemed to be a good idea, but then there was the naming of the blog.

Always the naming of the blog. This is the thing that bogs me down. Even my first blog didn’t happen for some time because I couldn’t come up with the right name.

I’m not sure I came up with the right name here, either, but it is what it is. Unless I change it.

western NE

Yes, that’s a bug-stained windshield you’re looking through.

In June of 2014, I took a road trip with my sister, niece, and Caleb for volleyball nationals in Minneapolis. I did most of the driving because I love to drive and am good with being the driver. My sister has to drive a lot in normal life and she’s good with being not the driver. On our way home, driving west across Nebraska, we had a patch of where we were both just super tired. Hard-to-keep-your-eyes-open tired. I found the nearest rest stop and got out for some air and leg stretching. I needed some eye drops for my dry, tired eyes. I also remembered that I had a package of cherry Pop Rocks in my bag, so I grabbed them.

Pop Rocks are so much fun. How can anyone have Pop Rocks in their mouth and NOT have a blast?

It turned out that the answer for wide-awake driving was Pop Rocks and eye drops. Who knew?

Pop Rocks and Eye Drops seemed to be the one name that keeps coming up and I’m tired of writing in Evernote for a non-existent blog, so here we are. New day, new blog, and we’ll see where this goes.


What do you think?

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