Your Miraculous Life

Recently I was praying for a friend of mine who has a TBI from a horrible car accident a couple years ago. I was thinking about how God clearly has a purpose for keeping her here on earth right now. After all, she was in a coma and the doctors told her family she wouldn’t make it.

But shouldn’t it be just as clear that God has a purpose for keeping ME and keeping YOU here, too? I mean haven’t we all had some near-misses in our lives? Even if we weren’t aware of them, I bet that we have. Yet we look at someone who survived some horrific situation or circumstance and think about how miraculous it is, but we don’t see our own lives in the same light.

Your presence here on this earth, at this time, with these people, in these circumstances IS a miracle. And God clearly has a purpose for keeping you here, too. Never forget that. You aren’t just adrift or useless. God is never unintentional. So if He has you here, He has intention for you.

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Yes, I know, the next obvious question becomes, “What IS my purpose?” To love God and love people as you walk through life with Jesus. Sorry if that sounds too simplistic, but that really is what we’re called to do.

The problem is that we want a plan. Step-by-step, mapped out, with a compass. But what God offers us is His presence. Which, when you really think about it, is so much better. At least I think it is. Would you rather have someone hand you a piece of paper with black and white instructions on it that you are required to follow? Or would you rather have the best Friend you could ever hope to have BE with you throughout your life’s journey? I’ll take His presence over a plan any day.

In the first option, all you have are words on a page to which you must adhere. How utterly boring and constraining. And what if you mess up? Then what? The entire plan is out the window and you have to wait for a new one? Or you’re fried on the spot because of failure? Where’s the sense of adventure, fun, beauty, and spontaneity in that?


But in the second case (the one we get to live, by the way), we have the freedom to choose things in our lives – where we’ll live, what we’ll do, what we’ll eat for dinner – but along with that freedom, we truly have the best Friend we could ever ask for – Jesus. He knows everything about us and He loves us still. That alone is miraculous. He genuinely wants to be with us. He offers mercy, grace, and forgiveness in everything. He doesn’t condemn us if we mess up. In fact, He encourages us to move forward and He gives us His strength to do so. And when we can’t, He carries us. He gives us everything we need. How could life here on earth be any better? How can we not see the miracle in all of this? I’d say His presence trumps some written plan any day.

So remember that today is a beautiful gift from Him, He has you here on purpose, and He is with you every step – every breath – of this day.

Breathe, enjoy, and live your one beautiful, miraculous life with Jesus.