The Present Participle List

week 34

I just read about Cathy Zielske’s monthly Present Participle List. In essence, she makes a list of verbs and then creates a sentence or two which describe what’s going on in life during that month. It would even be cool to do it on a weekly basis, though knowing me, I couldn’t keep up with such a schedule. But I think I want to do this. I may try to do it weekly, to the best of my ability, anyway.

Here we go…not sure if this is a weekly or monthly post yet. I guess It’ll be a weekly series. For now. I guess I’ll work from Saturday through Friday. Although that’s toward the end of one week, which would make this a Week 34.7 post. Or something. Whatever.

Anticipating time with friends; Mexican food for dinner, Starbucks, and photographing old cars

Purging superfluous stuff in the August Minimalist Game

Pondering relationships, my participation (or lack thereof), life direction, getting away from Facebook

Enjoying Aura Cacia Creative Juice essential oil blend in my doTerra diffuser

Studying 1 & 2 Thessalonians in Beth Moore’s Children of the Day

Memorizing 1 Thessalonians 1

Drinking iced chai lattes and cherry dr pepper and chocolate milk and cool lime refreshers

Reading Murder on the Half Shelf by Lorna Barrett

Testing the new mattress set we bought a week ago to determine if it’s the ONE

Stalking Cathy Zielske via her blog. Well, maybe not stalking, but frittering my day away catching up on her life. No, she doesn’t know me, but I love her work, her attitude, her transparency, her creativity. Let’s just keep this between us, though, m’kay? I might scare her.

What are your present participles?