Minor Irritants

Yep, a rant is in order. And I know, this is nothing of major importance in the whole scheme of life. Totally a first world problem. But it’s one of those stupid little thing that is super annoying and I often let this type of thing mess up my day and waste my time. Ugh.

I signed up with an online company  for a monthly club wherein I will get a box of paper crafting/journaling goodies each month. The first month was majorly discounted, so I thought it was a good opportunity. My package was in the hands of UPS on Wednesday. It showed an estimated arrival date of Tuesday, February 13th. Okay, cool.

I checked the tracking on Monday (yeah, a silly compulsion) only to discover that it had been handed off to the USPS (I hate that gig, btw. It never seems to go well!). Not only did the US Postal Service now have it, it was already out for delivery on Monday, February 12th – a whole entire day early! Shocker. Usually that transition means the package will be a day or two later than the original date. But it never arrived. Sigh. Fine. It’ll be here Tuesday, which was my originally anticipated date anyway.

Tuesday comes and no package.

IMG_8102 mailbox-xsm

So here we are on Wednesday (yes, it’s only ONE WHOLE DAY past the estimated arrival date) and the mail arrived early (yippee!) with NO PACKAGE. What the heck?

I go online to investigate a bit further and here is what the USPS website shows for tracking information.

February 12, 2018, 6:27 pm 
No Access
We attempted to deliver your item at 6:27 pm on February 12, 2018 in COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80XXX but could not complete the delivery because the employee did not have access to the delivery location. Your item will go out for delivery on the next business day.

What is that supposed to mean? We live in a house. We have a mailbox. We have a front door. At no time does the postal worker have NO ACCESS TO THE DELIVERY LOCATION. In fact, I was here at 6:27 pm and there was no attempted delivery, no ring of the doorbell, nothing. But that was Monday. It will be out for delivery on the next business day.


And NOT the NEXT business day, either.

However, I can do nothing at all. Not a cotton-picking thing.

Unless my package has been missing for 30 days, the post office won’t even consider this an issue.

Since UPS handed it off to the USPS, they’ll be of no help.

And the company I ordered from? They won’t consider it missing for 30 days, either. And since it’s a monthly subscription kit, it’s not like these are regularly stocked items. And if they’re out of stock, they’ll refund my money. Well that pretty much bites. By the time 30 days passes, it’s very likely they won’t have any more of them. GRRR. So the reason I joined the club will be completely negated.


Volleyball, work, and a paperless society

High school volleyball season is kind of a crazy time of year for me. I shoot pictures for varsity since my niece is on that team. This year I also volunteered to shoot JV. Since they typically play twice a week that’s a minimum of two sets per game for JV and a minimum of three sets per game for Varsity, for a total of 10 sets every week. It can be more if there are more sets played in a match. But that hasn’t usually happened. On a good note, I’m getting better at shooting fewer pictures, culling them faster, deleting extras off my computer, thereby saving space, and doing what little post processing needs to happen quicker. Then it’s off to a Shutterfly Share site with them.

My niece proves you don’t have to be tall to get air.

Last night’s dinner following the Salida game ended up being Sonic, which would normally be fine. But this was a pretty sorry choice. The Dr. Pepper was pale and then they added an absurd amount of cherry flavor to it, rendering it completely undrinkable. Got it replaced with a Cherry Limeade, which was good. The BBQ boneless wings had a spicier sauce on them so I didn’t want them, either. My niece enjoyed them, though. The cheesy tots were funky. I think the tots were stale. I normally love their cheesy tots with ketchup and salt. Even that was inadequate to make them good. Then to top it off, my body decided that really wasn’t acceptable food, so I wasn’t feeling too great this morning. Fortunately, I seem to be okay now. Chance are that I won’t eat at that Sonic if I happen to be in Salida ever again.

Along the way to Salida, we stopped at this lovely place along the Arkansas River.

The Arkansas River


I’m supposed to be entering work orders for my husband’s business right now. And working on tax stuff. And I will. Shortly. I still want to get back to some sort of pseudo-regular blogging. I think about blog posts and images a lot, but it just isn’t getting out of my head and onto the computer. I may just do some random, here’s-what’s-going-on-type posts, rather than trying to come up with some particular topic. For now anyway.

I was thinking the other day that I need to have a better different perspective on my “job.” It IS my job to handle messages for John’s business (mobile RV service), schedule appointments that I can, enter his work orders, and take care of taxes (except the part our accountant does). But I sort of just try and fit it in somewhere and then it doesn’t happen. Since it really is my “job,” I need to treat it as such. That way I won’t get to the end of the quarter and be in a panic, entering 90 days’ worth of work. Once a week would be so simple and keep us up to date. Every Monday I need to enter the previous week’s work. Period. Just do it. Be all Nike about it. If I had some, I’d wear them.


Whatever happened to the paperless society we were supposed to be creating with all the technology and computers and such? Seems to me we have more paper than ever. It doth overwhelm. I think it’s worse than weeds if you don’t deal with it on a daily basis and have a good system for managing it. I kind of have a system, but I’m dreadful at using it well. Thus, the papers pile ever higher, threatening to drown me. Or at least make me crazy…er.


Memory Cards, Morning Light, and Chocolate Milk

It was time to clean up the memory cards. Again. I do fairly well for awhile and then I sort of fall behind. So tonight I went through all those scattered on my desk to see which had been uploaded and which hadn’t. Naturally, I found pictures which I’ve already forgotten, though they were shot this month. Given the massive quantity I’ve taken in January, that’s not too surprising, really.

I sort of thought I had more cards than this. But there is the one in my camera. And the two in my camera bag. And a few more in my card shelf thingy. I also may still be missing one card altogether. Not that I don’t have enough to accommodate my crazy picture-taking ways.


So here are some found images:

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Early mornings are such a conundrum. That’s when the amazingly beautifully gorgeous light appears. Most days here in Colorado, anyway. It brings such a beautiful glow to a frosty or snowy morning and I love it so much. Once I’m up, I’ll get out that door, camera in hand, as quickly as possible. Even if it means pajamas and slippers. Yep. I’m that lady.





The problem is the getting out of bed part. I am SOOOO not a morning person. To those people who say, “Oh, I always wake up before my alarm ever goes off,” I don’t know how you do it. I mean that in all sincerity. I would like to be that person, but I’m not wired that way. Even if I wake up, my warm, cozy bed has this anesthetic power which seeps into my brain and says things like, “Just 15 more minutes. You’re so warm and cozy here. You didn’t get to sleep very early, so you should catch just a few more ZZZs because you really need them.” Silly brain. It listens to the bed and forgets that the morning light is stunning and fleeting.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I like my beverages very, very cold. All should have copious amounts of crushed ice to obtain said coldness. Including milk. And, therefore, chocolate milk. I prefer to pour my chocolate syrup on top of the milk and then stir. Quite the opposite of John, who pours it in first. I always feel like there’s more syrup in the bottom with that method. Nevertheless, people can prepare chocolate milk any old way they please. Since my milk requires ice, I just pour the syrup atop the ice. Which is sort of cool, because it just sits there on top. In a blob.


Yes, I usually make it in a Coke glass.

The Present Participle List

week 34

I just read about Cathy Zielske’s monthly Present Participle List. In essence, she makes a list of verbs and then creates a sentence or two which describe what’s going on in life during that month. It would even be cool to do it on a weekly basis, though knowing me, I couldn’t keep up with such a schedule. But I think I want to do this. I may try to do it weekly, to the best of my ability, anyway.

Here we go…not sure if this is a weekly or monthly post yet. I guess It’ll be a weekly series. For now. I guess I’ll work from Saturday through Friday. Although that’s toward the end of one week, which would make this a Week 34.7 post. Or something. Whatever.

Anticipating time with friends; Mexican food for dinner, Starbucks, and photographing old cars

Purging superfluous stuff in the August Minimalist Game

Pondering relationships, my participation (or lack thereof), life direction, getting away from Facebook

Enjoying Aura Cacia Creative Juice essential oil blend in my doTerra diffuser

Studying 1 & 2 Thessalonians in Beth Moore’s Children of the Day

Memorizing 1 Thessalonians 1

Drinking iced chai lattes and cherry dr pepper and chocolate milk and cool lime refreshers

Reading Murder on the Half Shelf by Lorna Barrett

Testing the new mattress set we bought a week ago to determine if it’s the ONE

Stalking Cathy Zielske via her blog. Well, maybe not stalking, but frittering my day away catching up on her life. No, she doesn’t know me, but I love her work, her attitude, her transparency, her creativity. Let’s just keep this between us, though, m’kay? I might scare her.

What are your present participles?

Brand New Blog

While this blog is brand new, blogging is not for me. I blogged on and off (more off in recent years) since the fall of 2006. Good times and my blog really fit me. For a time. I’ve been wanting to blog again, but I could just never get in the groove. I began to feel that a lot had changed since my early blogging days and maybe it was time for a fresh start. So I’ve been writing material which could become blog posts while waiting for a new blog name. Somehow, the naming of a blog seems to be the hardest part for me. Even my other blog wasn’t started for some time for lack of a name.

western NEI recently took a road trip with my sister, niece, and Caleb for volleyball nationals in Minneapolis. I did most of the driving because I love to drive and am good with being the driver. My sister has to drive a lot in normal life and she’s good with being not the driver. On our way home, driving west across Nebraska, we had a patch of where we were both just super tired. Hard-to-keep-your-eyes-open tired. Found the next rest stop and got out for some air and leg stretching. I knew I needed some eye drops for these dry, tired eyes. I also remembered that I had a package of cherry Pop Rocks in my bag, so I pulled those out.

Pop Rocks are so much fun. How can anyone have Pop Rocks in their mouth and NOT have a blast?

It turned out that the answer for wide-awake driving was Pop Rocks and eye drops. Who knew?

Pop Rocks and Eye Drops seemed to be the one name that keeps coming up and I’m tired of writing in Evernote for a non-existent blog, so here we are. New day, new blog, and we’ll see where this goes. If you’d like to learn more about me than you may ever want to know, click the About tab up at the top. Enjoy!