February 2016

Where, oh, where art thou, fair January?

Well, there was the temp transcription job with all the typing, typing, typing in most every spare moment.

b - 4pix mo

There was the volleyball with its day-long tournaments out of town.

There was the bookkeeping, data entry, and tax gathering for hubby’s business.

Pretty sure I prepared some meals, did some laundry, and paid most of the bills.

Coffee with friends, dinner with family, and Bible study at Starbucks.
Air and space museum photoshoot followed by Mexican food.





Italian food and a downtown photowalk.

And in a flash it was gone.

Now February shows up with a bang.

Monday. Snow. More snow.





February 2016, leap year, with its extra day. A day that is not likely to slow down another sprinting month. But we’ll see. Only God knows what my future holds. Zipping past or dragging by, I will trust Him with this new month.

That’s now halfway gone. HA!


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