Thoughts on Downsizing

It occurred to me that for people who actually get rid of just about everything in order to embark upon a new life, it could be easier to go through the process of downsizing. After all, the tighter the parameters, the less room for indecision. Perhaps I shouldn’t say “easier” because I would imagine it’s still a difficult task.


But for people like me, who want to live with less stuff, but the only limitation is whatever I come up with, it can be a very big challenge. My mood and emotions are certainly a factor. Some days, I’m ready to be free of so much of this stuff. Other days, I feel too connected, too indecisive, too unsure of which decision to make.


I suppose it’s a bit like forced change. When you must do a thing, you find a way to make it happen. When it’s just self-imposed without external pressure, you’re subject to your own whims and thoughts and feelings and self-discipline, or lack thereof.

I may not have that outside force, pushing me to make this happen, but I will just continue to work around my various moods, my ambivalence, and my lack of discipline to do what I can. Every item gone from our home is a tiny victory, and when combined, they will begin to open up space – both physical and mental. So for that, I will press on.


What do you think?

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